Ask the Acorn

How much homework will you get?
There really isn’t a certain amount of homework everyone gets, due to teachers different way of teaching. Though one thing I can assure you, it’s enough homework to give you a challenge in your various subjects while making you learn how to manage your time. Don’t Procrastinate!

Who inspires you?
Everyone who has told me that I couldn’t make it to where I am now, has been an inspiration for me. Not because I want to prove them wrong, but to prove myself I am better than the words they say.

If I hate a teacher what do I do?
If you don’t like a teacher do your best to be unbiased, don’t speak to them with disrespect just because you don’t like them and be sure to just listen. Tune out anything you don’t like about them and just listen to the information they’re providing you and try to do your best in the class. You could also take the approach of telling the teacher how you feel if it relates to the way they teach so they can possibly change it and that can help you better grasp the information compared to if you didn’t like the way they taught.

How do I make friends?
Be open and friendly with everyone, getting out of your comfort zone and meeting anyone possible will help you get familiar with the most people. You can only gain friends by being nice and letting others know of you.

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