DeMar Derozan off to best start of his career

November 29, 2016

DeMar Derozan of the Toronto Raptors is having possible the best start to his career in a good long time. The 6’7 shooting guard has been on fire during the early stages of the young season by by averaging more than 29 points a game so far in the season. He currently is third in the league with the highest scoring average per game in the entire league with 29.2 points so far.

DeMar Derozan (Photo: DeMar Derozan Official Website)

DeMar Derozan (Photo: DeMar Derozan Official Website)

He also is averaging 5.3 rebounds and 4.1 assists to help propel the raptors to being the second seed in the Eastern Conference, trailing behind the Cleveland Cavaliers. DeMar DeRozan has also managed to become the first player to produce 30 point games in his team’s first 11 games since Michael Jordan in 1987–88. He also was named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week with his amazing performance as well. DeMar Derozan is finally starting enter the prime of his career and is managing to put up a ton of points and showing himself to be one of the top shooting guards in

the league alongside Offensive Superstar James Harden of the Houston Rockets, Two-Way Stars Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors and Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls, and three time NBA Champion Dwyane Wade of the Chicago Bulls. DeMar’s playstyle has also changed from the previous season as he is starting to take a lot less three pointers and is instead attacking the basket like usually and going to the free throw line, while also shooting the mid-range shot a lot more.