Early College adopts TPS revised dress code

InsidetheAcorn.com staff writer

August 23, 2016

While walking around TEC the first few days of the new school year you may notice something different — what students are wearing. That’s right, yet again there are changes to the TEC dress code.

Peter Duhamel

Peter Duhamel

This year, the TEC dress code is the same as the TPS revised dress code for all other high schools in the district.

One of the most noticeable changes is that students are now permitted to wear hooded sweatshirts as long as the hoods are not being worn while inside the building. Additionally, students are now permitted to wear T-shirts and other clothing deemed

“school appropriate” by school staff.

Overall, the reaction to the new dress is positive among students and teachers alike.

“It’s really relaxed. You can pretty much wear whatever you want within reasonable bounds, as long as you don’t look like you’re going out to the club or something like that,” said junior Peter Duhamel, sporting one of his favorite shirts.

Karen Berman, Acting Principal. (Photo: The Blade)

Karen Berman,
Acting Principal.
(Photo: The Blade)

Many teachers told their students the revised dress code is a positive change for the school.

In a statement emailed to students, parents, and teachers prior to the start of the school year, Acting Principal Karen Berman made this comment regarding the district’s revised dress code:

“Toledo Early College has adopted the district’s revised dress code for the 2016—2017 school year. The dress code will be strictly enforced. All students, including juniors and seniors, are required to follow our outlined guidelines.”

While many TEC students think the change to the dress code is a positive one, we want to hear from you. Take a poll on what you think of the revised dress code on InsideTheAcorn.com under InsideTheAcorn.com polls.

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