Hello everyone.

I know we haven’t talked in a while, but this semester has been extremely busy. I’ve had the play, iFest, open houses, some quiz bowl meetings, YMOE, and dumb college classes that I hated and the projects that came with that.

It’s been a crazy year. This has been the most fun and maturing year of high school yet.

For many of ITA writers, especially the underclassmen, it’s been even more hectic. With this I apologize for the lack of stories recently. Unlike many high schools this is voluntary and student-led. Although we all have a passion for writing, sometimes we don’t have time.

Next year will be different, especially since so many new things are coming to our school.

During the summer ITA will be on hiatus, unless something really important happens like the school burning down. We will also try to incorporate new ways of telling stories through video and audio next year.

With the closing of the school year we say goodbye to one of our beloved reporters, Alyssa Schad. She will be moving on to Eastern Michigan, but not before leaving behind a legacy of intellect and comedic prowess.

I also would like to add that Inside the Acorn will remain Inside the Acorn even with the changing of our mascot. It’ll be in remembrance of a beloved inside joke that will live on.

Also, thank you to everyone who helped make this a successful year.

I would like to thank my ITA staff first for helping create such a beautiful and unique thing at our school. You guys were wonderful to work with and I can’t wait to be with you guys doing it again next year!

Thank you to Mrs. Joseph and Mrs. Berman for giving us the freedom to run the newspaper how we wanted to.

I would also like to thank Dave Murray for guiding us and showing us the ways of journalism. I have no clue how we would’ve done it without you. You have been a teacher and mentor to all of us this year. I appreciate greatly that you took time and effort from your busy schedule to help us.

Most importantly thank you! Yes as in you reading this! We do this so the reader knows what is going on at TEC but can also enjoy other things about our newspaper. I hope some of you even consider joining next year. Thank you for reading all of our articles, even the bad ones.

With this I would like to say that next year “Is it Rocket Science?” will be passed on to a junior at the beginning of next school year.

Once again thank you for an amazing school year. Have a safe summer. This is Valentin Ornelas Jr. confirming that it is indeed rocket science.