Woot! It’s homecoming week!! This is going to be soo fun! Okay… Chill.

It’s Monday again and I have to go to PE. Sigh.

Why do we have to do so many stations in gym?! The only sport I like is quiz bowl and chess..

Okay so we’re having a practice SAT??? Good thing it’s next Wednesday because I don’t have to go to gym!

TEC-SAVVY, my band, needs to start meeting for the talent show. We also need new people now that our clown keyboard player is gone.

Since it’s Neon Day for spirit week the whole lunch room is filled with bright colors. It literally hurts my eyes. At least the underclassmen have school spirit!

Okay now I’m understanding Algebra II!



Great, it;s the day that I hate out of all spirit week. Urkel (Nerd) Day. I’m not going to dress up because I’m sure most of us here were made fun of for being “nerds” when we were younger. NOPE. Even if I were to like it I wouldn’t have to dress up because I am a nerd. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So is Mr. Daniels just not going to teach??? I mean he has the power point on Interest Groups up but he’s just sitting there. Is he going to say his catchphrase????

“Please take a moment to talk quietly amongst yourselves” -Anthony Daniels 2k16

He let us out 15 minutes early. WOOT!

Since I don’t have advisory I can take a nap now, thanks Junior perks!

Okay so we have less than two weeks for cell city, three labs, and a cell theory timeline in biology???? Whaaaa??


It’s 90’s character day! Aylin and I have the perfect costume!! You’ll see, but first I have to go to gym :/

Running for 10 minutes? Easy!


I have to get to school so I can get dressed up! I have to run!

Some of these costumes are so clever! Props freshmen! Though they won’t beat my costume because I have Aylin helping!

Jenny and Forrest Gump
Jenny and Forrest Gump

How do these kids not know who I am? Who HASN’T watched Forrest Gump?!

“Momma said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get”

“But you ain’t got no legs Luitenant Dan!”

“I may not be a smart man but I know what love is”

Aylin said “Run, Forrest, Run!” and I ran outside to the parking lot and back. Probably not smart since I have asthma. Ha. ha. Ha…


Just a few more days till homecoming!! Hopefully I win homecoming prince!!

Could this day get any longer?! I WANT TO GO HOMEEEEEE

All these people are wearing flannels and grunge band shirts but I have friends who wear that on a daily basis. Cue the Nirvana!!!!!!!


Blue and gold day for spirit week and I usually wear those colors anyway.

I really just want to take a nap… Why can’t I  just get some sleep?!

Okay, so I did get my nap in. Now I’m ready to go home.


So far, most people that I’ve talked to say they’ll vote for me, hopefully I win. Fingers crossed!

Time to help with the decorations for homecoming! The decorations seem really awesome and Pinterest-like. I’m hungry though… TIME FOR JIMMY JOHN’S!


I’m so tired, I almost overslept! That would’ve been bad! I need to go to the parade to run for the homecoming court but I would’ve gone either way.

I wonder who all is coming? Oh there’s Nissen, Mrs. Joseph, and Pilcher! Okay Kayleigh and Brandon are here. Aylin is here! Well, obviously, she was my ride here.

Here come all the pictures taken by Mr. Nissen.

fb_img_1477360557982 fb_img_1477360525125 fb_img_1477360541072

Time for a little power nap before I start to get ready. Well first I have to mow the lawn then the power nap.

Okay, time to get ready!!!

Why am I nervous to pick-up Aylin?! Is my hair okay? Does this suit look okay???

Aylin looks so beautiful. Wow.

Gotta go take pictures with Aylin and her friends at the docks then off to homecoming!!!!!!! This is so fun 🙂

WE’RE HERE!! The decorations look awesome! Lots of people are standing around and taking pictures. We can get a good newspaper picture in here! Even a TEC-SAVVY picture!

fb_img_1476592095301 fb_img_1476592146853 fb_img_1476592157740

Okay more people are going into the dance floor. When are they playing a slow song?

If I keep dancing like this I’m not going to be able to move tomorrow. It’s, as the kids say, lit.

Oh no, the teachers are going up to the DJ it’s time to say who won homecoming court…

I won for Homecoming prince!!!!!!!!!!

Finally the slow song!

Spirit week and homecoming definitely isn’t rocket science!