Love Notes from TEC Students

I don’t like anyone – Anonymous

I love you – Anonymous

You’re my best friend and I love you❤ – Anonymous

Love all the teachers in this building!!! – Sarah S.

I love you, Emily 🙂  – Anonymous

Love you guys (Mia, Caprice, Shermir, Raven, & Keykey) – LaShawn

You shine like a midsummer night’s breeze. – Anonymous

More! @Zoe S. – Drew

Maria Fizer, love ya girl! I appreciate you soooooo much – Malaikah

Thanks for all of the great opportunities and being there for me Mrs. Joseph! – Anonymous

Nah, I’m cool. – Anonymous

Love you all -Reem

Hi mom, I love you.
Thank you to the ITA staff for helping me create my first child (ITA).
Thank you to all the TEC students and parents for keeping ITA alive.
Aylin, I would for sure write a whole thirty book series about you and how wonderful you are. Unfortunately, I have school. So here I am, publicly displaying affection to you, as usual. I’m happy to say that parts of me were made by you. You’ve made me a better me and inspired me to do things I didn’t know I could do. Like Peter Parker said “when I look in her eyes, and she looks back in mine, everything feels not quite normal, because I feel strong—and weak at the same time. I feel excited, and at the same time terrified. The truth is I don’t know the way I feel, except I know the kind of man you want to be. It’s as if I’ve reached the unreachable, and I wasn’t ready for it.” Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. – Valentin Ornelas Jr.

Dear bed, I’m happy you don’t get mad when I fall asleep on you. – Anonymous

Aylin, I love you sooooo much – Anonymous

To International Squad, any friends, you know who you are, Every single one of you guys are so special to me and I don’t know how I would be at school and do everything if I didn’t have all of you in my lives! You all are so caring, funny, blunt, smart, loyal (haha) and just always seem to make me smile! I love you all so much and I can’t describe how much I care for every single one of you guys! I appreciate everything every single one of you guys have done for me and my life. Thank you for all of our memories whether it was tears or laughter! I love you all to death, once again. MUAH!!!
To Teenie, Hi? Haha jk, I just want to take the time and remind you how important you are to me. To thank you for all that you have done for me and all I know you will do in the future. Thank you for being the best friend I could ask for, and even if these past 3 years haven’t been all fun and rainbows…in the end they have made us become even more inseparable and strong. You have become a really big part of my life and I don’t know how or where I would be if it wasn’t for you. You’ve taught me to have more confidence and believe in myself, that I can always do more than what I think I’m capable of and vise versa. I couldn’t ask for a better friendship. And lastly, I want to say that you don’t understand how much I care about you and that I love you very much. – LYNEE <3

I’m so glad I met you and became great friends<3 (to Grace Garand, Sarah S., Kaela Penn, and Morgan Williams) – Love Sophie

I love you Lexus, Gabbi, and Arinana! Thanks for being there all the time! – Anonymous

Kayla and Hannah, I love you guys sooo much you are the worlds greatest friends. -Robin

Hi Taelynne, you are my best friend and your amazing so I hope you have a great Valentines day. -Alexis Reneau

I’m not gonna list all of the names because that’s doing a lot, but thank you guys for all being apart of my life and helping me in difficult situations. You guys mean the world to me <3 – Anonymous

To everyone, have a day full of love and hope!!!! – Anonymous

To the girls in Super Fly Five, I love you. – Anonymous

Angyl, I love you because you are always there for me even whether I need to be roasted, a laugh or a shoulder to cry on. – Anonymous

I love you goofballs! Chelsie, Lindsey, and Jacob! JK not really 😂 – Anonymous

I love you guys so much, besties<3 @Kaela Penn @Sarah Sahmarani @Sophia Parish – Love, Grace Garand

Have a great Valentines Day! – Anonymous

LETAAAA ! – Anonymous

Hey Kyra!! I know you don’t have a boyfriend to write one of these things for you so I’ll just write one for you, why not. You’re honestly a little too demeaning to yourself and others sometimes, I just wish you’d realize how literally adorable you are. Like you’re my literal goals, the guys just haven’t seen it yet becausec they’re all freaking clueless (obviously). Like who needs guys anyways, to be honest. Sometimes, you just gotta give yourself credit for how funny, sweet, cute, smart, and just overall amazing you are, and don’t rely on what other people say or how they act to define what you think of yourself. I’m so glad that I’m able to call you my friend, and know that you’ll always have my back and you should know that I’ll always have yours too. Well anyways, I’m sure you know who this is from, ily like a sister 🙂 – Anonymous

Daviana, I love you – Anonymous

Lilly Pinkelman & Amber Rosinski; Your’e amazing and you listen to my jokes and also listen to me talk about random things and hijabi youtubers all of the time! 🙂 XX Raya

To everyone, love you all. 🙂 – Anonymous

I love my cheating wife Aylin💖 – Anonymous

I love you, boo 😍 -Chelsie to Kat

I love Alanna, Payton, Travis, Zion, & Jayree!

Dear Squad,(Ariana, Payton, Zion, Jay, Travis) I love you all so much. You brighten my day all the time, I cant wait to graduate with you and continue to see us mature and succeed together. – Anonymous

Thank you for always being there, I love you Dee💞 -Ruthie

Tahsin, you are my heart and soul. I don’t know what I would do without you. Ask me out on a date sometime!- Secret Admirer

JaySean, Dead Foxes and Alola Arcanine – Anonymous

To Taelynne, thank you for dealing with me and all of my crap. I’m so lucky to have you. – Anonymous (Though you probably know who it is)

Happy Valentine’s Day! (this is to all the single people) – Anonymous

Dear Kaela, I know thank you will never find love, but don’t worry i will always be here for you. You are my best friend and my favorite person in the world. – your best friend

Love you Emma Hansen I’m gonna miss you when you graduate. – Suzy Hansen

Alanna & Travis are one of the top littest couple at TEC! Jay’Ree & Payton have that love-hate friendship, but they are honestly the tightest and funniest friends. – Anonymous

Myah, we have been the best of friends for 5 plus years and I will never regret that, and even though it seems sometimes we are drifting apart we always find our way back to each other. Just know that I hope we are forever friends and that I LOVE YOU! – Anonymous

Steph is pretty cool – Anonymous


Dear Grace,

I’m so glad to have met up with you again at this school and I hope we stay together for a really long time. I luv you so much gurl. Can’t wait for our future adventures! – Ryliegh

Dear Sophie,
Gurrrrlll you cray-cray and I swear you get crazier every year. Five years have been up and down but the ups make up for the downs. I love you Wolfia – Ryliegh

Grace Mulinix, you’re pretty, funny, smart, talented, and so much more. Don’t let anything define you besides what you want to be. You are worth so much more than to let stress, anxiety, or depression rule your life. You’re going to move mountains my dear, so don’t let a pebble ruin everything you could be. – Anonymous

Happy Valentines Day, Gaberialle Thomas. – Love, Anonymous