Meet TEC’s New Assistant Principal — Paulette Cole

By Alyssa Schad staff writer
April 4th, 2017

For the first time, Toledo Early College has an assistant principal, and there’s a good explanation for why she looks so familiar.

Paulette Cole has evolved from science teacher to acting assistant principal, and now she is committed to supporting students from her administrative role.

Typically, high schools have two assistant principals: one who focuses on curriculum and another who establishes discipline. Mrs. Cole will cover both of these roles, and she will also be heavily involved in the recruitment of new students. Her list of duties is still developing, but students can expect to see her helping in the lunchroom, assisting with scheduling, and supporting school activities.

Even though Mrs. Cole has been a teacher for seventeen years, she said that while studying educational administration, “I discovered that I want to work as an administrator in order to impact students on a different level.”

TEC Principal Karen Berman said Mrs. Cole is a good fit for the role because she is passionate about the students and understands TEC.

Currently, a long-term substitute is filling Mrs. Cole’s position as a science teacher.

Mrs. Cole says she will miss being a teacher and seeing students progress throughout the year, but she is excited to work as an administrator and “help make TEC a better place and serve the students because it is all about the students.”

Since Mrs. Cole’s title is acting assistant principal, she is not permanently assistant principal. As is customary in TPS, she will have to interview for the permanent position once it is advertised. She also has the option to go back to teaching science at TEC.

So far, Mrs. Berman says Mrs. Cole is “organized and understands what she is doing. I love that she cares about the students.”

As TEC’s first assistant principal, Mrs. Cole is making TEC history and helping expand the school.

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