Meet the ITA Staff

Nolan Cramer

Nolan Cramer

Nolan Cramer, is a sophomore at Toledo Early College and along with being the politics staff writer he is also the webmaster of Born in Toledo on September 7, 2000, he went to school at Hill View Elementary and Arbor Hills Junior High both in the Sylvania School District.

In his free time he enjoys playing on the TEC Quiz Bowl Team and being a member of the Chess Club. He decided to go to TEC because of the different and excellent opportunity that it presented.

Nolan eventually hopes to go into Chemical Engineering and to get his degree from The University of Toledo.

Aylin Dominguez

Aylin Dominguez

Born and raised in Michigan then moving to Ohio at 10 years old, Aylin Dominguez has worked hard to get into Toledo Early College and is proud to be part of the staff of English being her second language and growing up in a Hispanic household, Aylin has always had an interest in learning more about all things in language arts. Also having a great amount of passion for the arts and music.

When not focusing on school, she is spending time with her family, friends, and attending church, which is essential to her religious life. She loves being involved with the community and is always open to helping anyone in any way or form. Aylin believes in being open to new ideas for the good and accepting people no matter their background or past. She aspires to graduate and fulfill her dream of being a part of the medical field, as she loves to aid people.

In all, Aylin hopes that being a part of the newspaper will allow her to see others interests and widen her awareness on subjects she doesn’t know much about.



DaMichael Jackson-Helm

DaMichael Jackson-Helm

My name is DaMichael Jackson-Helm and I was born October 22, 1999. I’m a sophomore at Toledo Early College High School. I came to this school because my cousin, Raven Jackson, who is also a student at TEC, recommended it to me.

I joined the staff of because I thought it would be fun and exciting.

I also want to learn how to be a sports reporter. I love sports and play basketball for Rogers High School.

That’s it for now. Come back and see how I do.



Valentin Ornelas Jr.

Valentin Ornelas
Valentin Ornelas Jr.

Valentin Ornelas Jr., born on May 27th, 2000, has been interested in all things English since childhood. As of now, he wants to be a high school English teacher while writing books and creating music as hobbies. Before coming to Toledo Early College (TEC) he attended Oakdale Elementary where he met history teacher Randy Nissen, who challenged him academically. Valentin decided to enroll in TEC and receive free college credits.

Being diagnosed with cancer in the first two weeks of his freshman year (2014-2015) changed Valentin’s view toward school and life. Since he could not attend school he focused on his hobbies — playing guitar, reading, and illusions. Coming back as a full-time student in the 2015-16 school year, he decided to join as many clubs as possible to have the “high school experience.” Valentin joined Spirit Club, Quiz Bowl, and TEC-SAVVY.

He even created a club of his own called, which is the reason you are reading this now.

Angyl Quisenberry

Angyl Quisenberry

Hello, my name is Angyl Quisenberry, I’ll be a staff writer and photographer for I don’t do much outside of school, but I am in eight clubs. Besides the website, I’m a part of Capture the Change, Spirit Club, Quiz Bowl, Youth to Youth, The Red Cross Club, Drama Club, and the ASL Club.

Before coming to Toledo Early College High School I attended Aurora Academy for all nine years of my previous school life. At Aurora we had no clubs or sports which is why I wanted to join as many as I could when I got to high school.

When I’m older I want to be a pediatrician. I love the medical field and children, so it’s the perfect job… Well for me. I enjoy watching YouTube, Netflix, and reading books.

A real action packed life I know! Well that’s about it for now!


Deeyallah Al-Syoof

Deeyallah Alsyoof
Deeyallah Alsyoof

Deeyallah Al-Syoof is a 15-year-old sophomore at Toledo Early College High School. Deeyallah likes to spend her time watching Netflix, Youtube, reading, and attending cultural events. She wants to attend the University of Toledo and work toward becoming a pediatrician or a pediatric surgeon.

Joining the staff of, Deeyallah hopes to become a photographer for the new news website. In her freshman year, she did not join many clubs; in her sophomore year, she decided to become more involved in Toledo Early College High School.

She is now in Newspaper club, Youth to Youth, Spirit Club, and hopes to join more clubs throughout the year to help her become a successful individual.


Melissa Joseph-Albrecht, Adviser

Melissa Joseph-Alberchet
Melissa Joseph-Albrecht

Melissa Joseph-Albrecht, native of Youngstown, Ohio, graduated with honors from The University of Toledo in 2004 earning a B.ED., BA in English, and Writing Minor.

Her 13 years of teaching experience spans grades seven through twelve, and includes teaching Spanish, newspaper director, school-wide OGT writing tutor, POL coordinator, Spirit Club and InsideTheAcorn adviser, PAWS mentor, and volleyball coach. She was the keynote speaker for the Annual Shapiro Writing Awards Banquet at the University of Toledo in the Spring of 2014. In her leisure time, Melissa enjoys singing at various locations as a local Toledo artist as well as leading worship at her home church.


Dave Murray, Adviser

Dave Murray, managing editor of The Blade and adviser to

Dave Murray, 62,  is managing editor of The Blade. A 1972 graduate of Otsego High School in Tontogany, Ohio, he attended Bowling Green State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio State University in 1978. He has been with The Blade since 1979 and has been a reporter, city editor, special projects editor, and managing editor the past six years.

As city editor and then special projects editor he was the supervising editor of three Blade investigations that were named finalists for the Pulitzer Prize, with the series Buried Secrets, Brutal Truths, about Vietnam War atrocities, winning the Pulitzer for investigative reporting in 2004.

Contact Mr. Murray at





Past ITA Writer

Alyssa Schad
Alyssa Schad

Alyssa Schad 

Alyssa Schad is a senior who loves to write and read. She intends to major in either Creative Writing or English, but she isn’t sure which because she loves both, and she hopes to be a published author someday. At Toledo Early College, Alyssa leads the drama club, where she gets to goof off with others while attempting to act.