Portland Trail Blazers to get new look

DaMichael Jackson-Helm
InsideTheAcorn.com sports writer
December 13, 2016

The Portland Trail Blazers are getting ready to reveal their new logos and jerseys for the 2017-18 season next year.

Portland has the most creative logo in the entire league, with its pinwheel that has five red lines to represent offense and five silver lines to represent defense. According to Chris McGowan, president and CEO of the Trail Blazers, the team plans to reveal the new logo and uniform in the spring of 2017.

“I think it’s a modernization, I wouldn’t call it drastic,” said McGowan of the proposed changes. “I think we’re blessed with some of the best uniforms in professional sports, our fans really like our identity, people know it whether you live in Portland or not. So I don’t know if drastic is necessarily what we need to do, but I think you always need to modernize.

“When you have the opportunity to work with create people like the folks at Nike, you’ve got to take advantage of that opportunity. We’re having fun with it, but like anything that we do, we’re testing it, we’re talking to fans, we’re using survey information to make sure we’re being guided in the right way so we’re not putting something out there that’s not authentic to who we are or not something that “wouldn’t be generally supported by our fans.”

The Trail Blazers are also one of the teams in the league that will switching over the Nike brand the next season and will have the Nike logo on their jersey.

Portland fans can look forward to the next season as they wait for their hometown team to show off their new look for the new year and judge if it looks good or bad.