“The Search for Everything – Wave One” Review

Written by Valentin Ornelas Jr.
insidetheacorn.com staff writer
January 27, 2017

John Mayer hasn’t released an album in almost four years. Luckily, he has blessed us once again with his new four-song album “The Search for Everything – Wave One”. There is a lot of speculation as to if this is a song about a new woman Mayer has found during his four year break. In one of his recent interview Mayer said he took the break to work on his “ego addiction”. If you don’t know who John Mayer is or if you haven’t heard his music below are some of his hits and a review of his new album

Waiting On the World to Change
Free Fallin’ (Cover)
Slow Dancing In a Burning Room
Say What You Need to Say

Moving On and Getting Over
Probably one of the most happier break up songs and the first song to John Mayer’s album is “Moving On and Getting Over”. Right as you begin to listen to it you think that it’s a happy song but the lyrics tell a different story. The much sadder lyrics is about Mayer trying to move on from someone he had been dating and by the end of creating the song he did. He repeatedly says “I’ve moved on,” but later says “I’m one text away from being back again”. In the end of the song he definitely is saying he has moved on from his previous partner and in an interview he even said he’s ready to start dating again. As for the music, John Mayer has always been a musical genius, but keeps it simpler this song. There is no extreme guitar solo or extraordinary vocals, it focuses more on the lyrics and the groove of the song.

Rate: 3.5 Acorns/ 5 Acorns


In his second song of the album he talks about the four year break that he had and how it helped him change. He says that friends now look at him weird from how much he has changed. The lyrics are simple and understandable, but relatable for everyone. The music is more complicated than the first song of the album with a solo at the end of the song and a lot more riffs than the “Moving On and Getting Over”.

Rate: 4 Acorns/ 5 Acorns

Love on the Weekend
Mayer’s third song of the album and the single he released a few weeks ago is “Love on the Weekend”. The song talks about how Mayer can only see his partner on the weekends and cherishes the moments they have together. Nearing the end of the song he talks about his friends getting worried about him leaving and how he has to go back, presumably to work, and leave. The lyrics and the music to the song are equally as important to the quality of the song. The lyrics tell a beautifully sad story while the guitar playing and vocals compliment the mood.

Rate: 4.5 Acorns/ 5 Acorns

You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me
Perhaps one of the saddest break up songs John Mayer has made is the fourth song of the album,  “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me”. In the intro you can begin to feel the sadness of the song with the melancholic piano and whistling. He gives an example of the dinosaurs having to end to say that all beautiful things come to an end. Mayer says “Parts of me were made by you/And planets keep their distance too/The moon’s got a grip on the sea” saying that the woman he loved made was essential to who he was today. At the end of the song it is revealed that he is no longer with the woman he loves and is sacrificing his feelings to have the woman he loves be happy. “And when the pastor asks the pews/For reasons he can’t marry you/I’ll keep my word in my seat”.

Rate: 5 Acorns/5 Acorns

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