1. Use a planner

You might be thinking “but why? I can remember everything!” No. You can’t. After a few weeks there will be a lot of assignments given to you and there will be intricate details to each one. There is no way you can remember that. Play it safe and write it down.

2. Stay organized

Being organized and using a planner are two different things. You might be writing your assignments down but if you don’t know where your planner is then it was for nothing. Keep your book bag and locker nice and tidy. Your teachers won’t want crumpled up papers and we don’t want an avalanche of your personal items when you open your locker.

3. Get to know your teachers

Trust me, you need to know your teachers. With some you can joke around and talk about music but with others you have to just be there and do your work. It especially comes in handy when they’re in a bad mood or your trying to know how to act in a classroom.

4. Read all your emailsĀ 

You probably already know that Mr. Nissen and Mrs. Berman send tons of emails. They are sending the emails for a reason. Read them. ALL your emails that are sent by staff or teachers should be read. I can’t count all the times other students have said “What when did they say that?! We’re going where?! When is this again?” and the answers were sent in an email 4 times.

5. Leave the drama for Drama Club

Most of us are coming from public schools and with that comes witnessing fights, arguments with teachers, and other weird occurrences of violence. This isn’t tolerated at TEC and can lead to expulsion. Do you really want to be remembered as one of the few people who caused a lot of trouble here?

6. Make good friends

Friends are a nice thing to have. But good friends will always be necessary. Find someone who will be there for you when you need it, who will remind you there is an assignment due tomorrow, and will push you to be a better person.

7. Behave

You have a lot of freedom at an early age. Don’t take advantage of it. Once one person goofs up it usually ruins it for the rest of us. An example? What is now the nurse’s office was once called the HOT lounge, a place upperclassmen could study and hang out and even had a printer! One day someone broke Mr. Nissen’s broom and until someone payed for it the HOT lounge was closed. It took sometime but eventually someone payed for it. Please don’t break the metaphorical broom for your classmates.

8. Get involved

Self explanatory! Try out a couple of clubs, participate in a fundraiser, represent your country or someone else’s in iFest. The more well-rounded of a student you are the better of a person you will become! Also colleges like that you were part of clubs and organizations, but don’t over do it! Don’t go and join 10 clubs then cry you don’t have time to do stuff.

9. Take notes

You will find out really quickly that you have no clue how to actually take notes and that’s fine! You will learn by going through the process of our school! Just take notes and you will learn what works for you. Try mind mapping, bullet points, or even the Cornell system!


Start early in case things get in the way, finish early in case you missed something. Simple.