This is an open letter to all of the new student here at Toledo Early College. My name is Valentin Ornelas, Jr. and I hope that you have found everything alright so far.

Since you are here reading this I am sure you know this is the school digital newspaper. We just started publishing content last year, but we hope to improve from last year.

You are more than welcome to join the newspaper but if you are in middle school then you will have to go through a screening process to write for us. We have meetings on Tuesdays at 8 A.M. in the computer lab

Also, since I guess this is a letter, you can also join the Drama Club this year. We will have a spaghetti dinner nearing the end of the semester and we will meet on Mondays in 1100 after school for an hour.

If you go through Inside the Acorn you should be able to find other clubs and activities as well. Just make sure you pay more attention to you homework than clubs!

I hope you find success at this school and find peers that will help you rise to excellence. Please be focused this school year and don’t give up. Anybody can get past this school, and it’s ton of work, if they really put their minds to it.

With that said, if you ever need anything feel free to contact me or find me roaming the halls and good luck with NHD/MLARC, Science Fair, Poetry out Loud, and Shawver’s bad jokes.

Contact Valentin Ornelas, Jr. at ornelasvalentin@gmail.com or on Facebook.