Written by DaMichael Jackson-Helm
Insidetheacorn.com Staff Writer
April 13, 2017

The 2016-17 NBA regular season was one the most historic and ground-breaking seasons that the NBA has seen in awhile. Many events and storylines happened during the regular season and multiple records were broken.

Records were shattered across the league, the most notable coming from Russell Westbrook, who broke Oscar Robertson’s longstanding mark of 41 triple-doubles in a single season. But it wasn’t just Westbrook who marched into NBA lore, but the league as a whole. This is a season the likes of which fans have never seen before. From the number of threes made, to the number of individuals turnovers, to Anthony Davis’ monumental All-Star scoring night of 53 points, this season belongs in a class of its own.

NBA teams averaged 9.7 made threes and 27.0 attempted threes per game, blowing by last season’s marks of 8.5 made threes and 24.1 attempted threes. This has happened just about every season since the three-point line was added, except for the spike during the league’s three-season experiment shortening the arc to 22 feet from 1994-97.

This season, we had 10 individuals score over 50 points in a single game. The two players that get the most attention with this is Russell Westbrook with four 50-point games and James Harden, who had three of them. The other players that did this are Anthony Davis, Isiah Thomas, John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Jimmy Butler, Devin Booker, Klay Thompson, and Damian Lillard. This was a year were these players showed us a season of scoring unlike any other season before hand.

This season also saw the chance of breaking the record of most triple from multiple players in a single season with the previous record being 78. This season, the new record was pushed to 115 triple doubles. Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and LeBron James all combined for over 77 of those 115 triple doubles. Those three alone nearly broke the record by themselves.

The Rockets had broken the record for the most made and attempt 3-pointers with 14.3 threes per game and attempted 40.1 — both new records. They’re the first team to attempt over 3,000 threes in a season, blowing by that figure with 3,250.

Curry had a streak of not missing threes was broken on Nov. 5 where shot 0-10 before he broke a three-way tie between himself, Kobe Bryant, and Donyell Marshall with 12 three-pointers, nailing 13 on Nov. 7. Some of these are shots only Curry could hit.

On March 3, the Cavaliers nailed 25 threes, tying their own record from last postseason and setting the new regular season one. They shot 25-of-46, with LeBron James leading the way with six made and six players hitting at least three.

Klay Thompson also had broken the record of the most points in 30 minutes or less with a career high of 60 points in a win over the Indiana Pacers.

Devin Booker also joins some elite company by becoming one of the few players to score 70 points and also becoming the youngest to do so.

Kevin Love had the most points in a quarter with 34 points against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Brook Lopez had the most 3-pointers and blocks in a single game with six threes and eight blocks.

Westbrook shattered Kobe Bryant’s record of 38.7 percent set in the 2005-06 season, and now ranks No. 1 and 3 all-time.

Lebron passed Shaq as number eight on the all time scoring leaders list.

Damian Lillard has becomes one of three players to reach reach 8000 points and assists in their first five seasons, joining elite company with Michael Jordan and Lebron James.

Golden State actually has won at least 67 games in three straight seasons, but nobody has ever even done three straight with 63 wins, so they’re going above and beyond.

The lineup was: Devin Booker, Tyler Ulis, Derrick Jones Jr., Marquese Chriss, and Alex Len.

The Indiana Pacers broke the record for the most backcourt violations in a single game with over 13 turnovers.

The Heat’s second half was historic in several ways. They started 11-30 and finished 30-11, which is the most wins a team has ever had in the second half while still missing the playoffs. It was an enormous accomplishment by Miami to march back into the playoff picture like they did, and they should be proud regardless.

James Harden: first player with 2,000 points, 900 assists, and 600 rebounds. He was also the first player to score 2,000 points and assist on 2,000 points.

Giannis Antetokounmpo: first player to be top-20 in all five major statistical categories. No one has ever finished top-20 in total points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks until Antetokounmpo did it this season. Let’s appreciate that man.

Joel Embiid: first rookie to average 20 points, 7.5 rebounds, 2.5 blocks and one made three-pointer.

Karl-Anthony Towns: youngest player with 2,000 points and 1,000 rebounds. He’s also the first and only person to record those two stats along with 100 made triples.

John Wall: first player to average 20 points, 10 assists, two steals, and 0.5 blocks

Russell Westbrook: first player to average 31 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. In his triple-double season, Robertson only managed 30.8 points per game.