By VALENTIN ORNELAS JR. staff writer
August 30, 2016

After two years of MLARC, Poetry Out Loud, webquests, NHD, and Shawver’s awful puns, I can finally say that I’m a junior at Toledo Early College High School. I’ve carefully planned out my classes at the University of Toledo and the route I’m going to take since I first got my schedule. I’ve been looking forward to main campus ever since. I’m sure I’ll have some TEC students in my class; well, I hope. I’ve heard from many students that the last two years are easier than the first two years at TEC, and I hope they’re telling the truth. After all, how hard can college be?

My first class of the week is Composition 1, which I have on Mondays and Wednesdays after gym. I walk in at 9:26 (TWO MINUTES BEFORE CLASS OFFICIALLY STARTS) and our professor is already talking. I awkwardly sit down in the back and see that I have two other TEC students in my class. Thank God! We go over the syllabus and 10 minutes before class ends, she gives us homework. Now, this would’ve been easy to do… if I had gotten the book my teacher is referring to. Barnes and Noble didn’t have it when I went to pick it up. They say I should get it in a week or so — great.

I barely make the shuttle because my class is about 15 minutes from the transportation center. Guess how many minutes I have until the shuttle leaves after my class? 15! I’m about to become an Olympic fast walker if I keep this up. Luckily, I have upbeat music to keep me walking (the Hamilton soundtrack).

My American Government class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I’m about to walk in with my friend. Here’s to another semester.

IT’S 20 MINUTES BEFORE CLASS! WHY IS THERE SO MANY PEOPLE IN THE ROOM ALREADY?! Well, at least they’re mostly TEC students. I sit at the front, because I want to take this class seriously and get the best grades I can. The professor walks in and he seems okay. I guess, we’ll see soon enough.

Yea, he’s okay; he’s already dissed two presidential candidates, so he seems cool. Then he talks about the syllabus like all professors do on the first day of class. He even gives extra credit for getting on Blackboard! Can TEC teachers do that too? Please? I got no homework, but I still need my book for this class. Barnes and Noble, hurry up, fam!

Straight to the shuttle with no problems. Now I don’t have class til 6th hour! Time to watch Netflix and order food without getting in trouble! Bless up.

It’s Wednesday and this lady does the same thing. I’m in class early and she’s already started. We discussed chapter one which I didn’t read (again no book yet), but it was basic stuff about genres so I could follow along. This class seems easy, after all I do like writing, especially if it’s about me. Okay, books should be in by Monday, which is when I’ll have Comp. again.

My legs are weak from running in gym, so I almost fall down the stairs when I’m leaving — TWICE. I check and no one was looking. Good.

Advisory time comes and they’re talking about ACT Prep. I don’t even know what college I want to go to. How can I get a good score on this? I missed all of freshman year (a long story involving doctors). Oh well, I’ll learn enough to get a good score by working harder.

Enough of that, I need to focus on more important things like what time will my Jimmy John’s be here.


There’s a game outside of the Student Union, and I won an inflatable chair from it. I also got pizza. This is a nice life. No class till 6th hour again so time to catch up on “Stranger Things.”

It’s Friday. I don’t have to be in school until
6th hour, so I’m going to stay home til then. This is the best thing since the invention of the attachable man bun.

Week one: It’s NOT rocket science.

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