By VALENTIN ORNELAS JR. staff writer
August 30, 2016

Miss Teresa Taylor, a native Toledoan, has been a secretary for Toledo Public Schools since 2008. She attended Rogers when she was a teenager and then went to the University of Toledo. While at the University of Toledo she worked an associates degree in business.

Before becoming a secretary, Miss Taylor moved to Las Vegas for five years to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Later she found a job as a secretary here and she’s been “TPS Proud” ever since. She described her job as “fitting” and says she has enjoyed her time so far as secretary for Toledo Early College.

Miss Taylor continues to express her gratitude to the students and teachers who have helped her get settled into the school. Not only did Miss Taylor say she was impressed by TEC’s kindness, but also because of the student’s determination to go to college and achieve greatness.

“This is a great opportunity and it’s a hidden gem in Toledo,” she told

She also wants all TEC students and their parents know that she applauds them for taking advantage of the free college credits that TEC and the University of Toledo offer.

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