Written by Alyssa Schad
InsideTheAcorn.com staff writer
February 10th, 2017

The cast list of the TEC 2017 play is up on the bulletin board across from Mrs. K’s room, and play practices are now underway.

This year’s play is Willa Wonkie and the College Tour. The play is a comedic parody of the famous book and movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Senior Alyssa Schad, who previously directed Crazy Town (2016) and the one-act Ten Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (2015), will direct this year’s play.

Freshman Grace Mulinix will star as Charlie Pail, an impoverished high-school girl who longs for a college education and receives a silver tour application from the prestigious Insolitus University.

In prominent supporting roles, Carlos Washington (senior) plays Grandpa Joe, Valentin Ornelas Jr. (junior) is cast as the narrator, and Lora Sahmarani (junior) plays the mysterious Willa Wonkie.

The play will premiere in early April and will have three showings, including one during the school day for students.

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