Written by Aylin Dominguez
insidetheacorn.com Staff Writer
February 1st,2017

After months of preparation and repetition, students have ended their worries and those who tried their best were repaid with recognition and great scores.

Poetry out loud (POL) could have been a nightmare for many and a dream come true for others. The competition was a dream for Sarah Sahmarani, the first place winner of the Toledo Early College High chool POL competition.

Because of her amazing performance, which made anyone in the audience connect with the poem, she will  now perform at the POL regionals. But we shouldn’t forget Cassandra Petrey’s emotional and moving performances as she was named runner-up. Along with all the other brave girls who went up on the stage and did an exceptional job and tried their best.

Sarah told InsideTheAcorn.com that she prepared for the POL competition by practicing and repeating the same poem to find the best version of it. Being able to “connect with the poem” is what will make you get the best performance, Sarah explained. All we got to do is wait for regionals and wish her the best of luck.

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