September 8, 2016

Many new students at Toledo Early College (TEC) think the school is boring and full of work. On Thursday September 1st they were proven wrong. The school took part in the University of Toledo’s (UT), President’s Backyard BBQ. The President’s Backyard BBQ, in the Centennial Mall, is an event to celebrate UT’s President’s, Sharon Gaber, inauguration. Students of both TEC and UT took part in this event that was full of different fun activities.

At the entrance you are welcomed with free food. The food varies from beef, chicken, or a vegan sandwich accompanied by chips, cookies, lemonade, and water. There was also a snow cone machine and a kettle corn booth, which was also free.

Music blasted from radio station WXUT-FM 88.3, while there were activities you could’ve taken part in. Hungry Hippo, originally a board game, was converted into an inflatable where students and staff were connected to the inflatable and retrieved balls from the middle and placed them into a basket like bag. Rock climbing was available where you can race your friend to the top. Artists were drawing people into cartoon characters. Although standing in a long line may seem like forever, it is worth the wait when you can get your face converted into a cartoon character and laugh with your friends about how ridiculous they look.

The University of Toledo’s mascots, Rocky and Rocksy were at the event. With Rocky and Rocksy came the blue crew. Everybody ran up and had their photo taken and showed off their UT pride.

In the end, students of Toledo Early College realized how fun their school can be. Check out the video below to see the picnic from a high-school student’s view.


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