By VALENTIN ORNELAS staff writer
August 15, 2016 is the new digital newspaper for Toledo Early College High School (TEC). This website is produced and presented by the staff — made up of TEC students — in partnership with The Blade.

Articles featured on this site will be written as truthfully, accurately, and respectfully as possible to reflect the character and competency of the student body of TEC, a Toledo Public Schools high school geared toward preparing students to successfully complete college.

We will write stories that celebrate the diverse student body at TEC and help promote events happening in school and in our community that our readers are interested in. From freshman year we are taught to write with facts and with clarity, which is what we will demonstrate through our articles.

We represent the TEC English department, and even though we are not yet trained journalists we hope to produce articles, photographs, and videos fulfilling our aspiration to becoming a respectable news Website that our readers find valuable, and hopefully entertaining. Most important, our goal is to bring TEC students together by informing them about the clubs, activities, people, and organizations at this great school.

Our inspirations as a staff include newspapers like The Blade, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and La Prensa. Our photographers have found inspiration from history teacher Randy Nissen and TEC’s photography club, Capture the Change.

Our writers, on the other hand, are inspired by both fiction and nonfiction writers such as Harper Lee, Anne Franke, Jonah Lehrer, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Our writers also find inspiration from previous and current teachers of TEC like Melissa Joseph, Julie Kwiatkowski, and Eric Pilcher. With the help of The Blade and TEC staff, we hope to get as close to our inspirations and expectations as possible.

We hope that you enjoy all the stories, photographs, and videos that are to come from throughout this school year and many more to follow. Please click around the site, but first meet our staff under the “Meet the Staff” tab.

We also want your feedback, so tell us what we’re doing right. But if you don’t like something, tell us that as well. You can contact our staff at the emails you’ll find at the end of each article, or email us at

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